Monday, June 09, 2008

Togetherness: Too Much of a Good Thing

It occurred to me today that I have eight more weeks of time here in almost paradise with my three beautiful daughters and mrangelmeg when we get to see him. Don't get me wrong I love being here, but I don't know if I can take this much togetherness.

There isn't anywhere for me to go to get away from the girls. I could walk to the store, but I am not really a shopper. I could walk down to the pool, or (as I do every other day, to the gym for my workout for about forty-five minutes) but even then they are still right here in the building.

What I really miss is being able to call up my friends and go out for a cup of coffee, or just go out, away by myself for the afternoon. I really miss having someone besides the girls and mrangelmeg to talk to, not that they aren't great fun to talk to.

This week I am going to venture out to one of the nearby nail salons for a pedicure, at least I can do that without taking the girls. If I am lucky, the person who does my nails will be able to carry on a conversation in passable English, and I will have had an hour away.

Oh well, everything will work out. By the end of the time we have down here we will either be a very close knit family unit, or we will have driven each other insane.

I am hoping for us growing closer.


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Suzanne said...

Got any gas money...I'll bring the coffee down in a jiff, girl!
:0!!! You think I'm kiddin? LOL!