Tuesday, June 03, 2008

White, White Sand and Wild Blue Water

We took a quick trip to the beach today. We only spent about an hour because mrangelmeg had to go to work later and we had misplaced our only bottle of sunscreen. I was absolutely amazed at how white the sand was and how blue the water was.

We are learning how to navigate here too. We have decided against an umbrella (we forgot the one we had at home, so that was probably a blessing) after seeing how horribly they get whipped around by the wind. We will most likely invest in a little mini shelter tent. We are also learning about the threat level flags. Today was a yellow flag day, which means mild conditions. Mild water conditions were so strong that the angelbaby couldn't go any deeper than her ankles. Anything higher than Yellow and we won't even be going near the water.

Tomorrow we intend to go back to the beach for a longer visit, equipped with sunscreen and a tent/sun/wind break. We are going to pack a lunch and stay for a few hours.


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