Friday, June 13, 2008

Canada Persecuting Christians

This is absolutely frightening. This story is almost too scary that one would think it were something out of fiction, but it actually happened. A young minister in Canada who happens to be trying to live his beliefs and wrote a letter to the editor stating that homosexual acts are inherently evil, as same sex marriage became law in Canada. He was reported to the human rights tribunal for what he believed.

Before this happened he had been working with youth, some who were living on the streets as same sex hustlers. His group gave the youth a safe place to live and get education and training so that they could get off the street and stop living the lifestyle they were drawn into by need and circumstance. (This just shows how much he "hated homosexuals") Unfortunately because of the ruling of the Tribunal his work among the teens has been halted.

I encourage all of you to go to Pete Vere's Catholic Light site and listen to his conversation with Pastor Boissoin. This is a man that the Canadian Government considers a threat. In my eyes he is a hero.

We need to pray for the government of Canada.


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Suzanne said...

Yeah, but no more than the "government in Bloomington, IN"!
Still, I know what you mean..totally..I think Alexa gets purty frustrated, at times.