Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Mrangelmeg

My charming and long-suffering spouse turns another year more distinguished today. Above is a picture he took for some sort of project for work. He was trying to look as though he knew how to actually do his job. I think the little smile was a nice touch.
We are going out to an Irish family pub for lunch so that he can come back and watch the St Louis Cardinals play baseball this evening. Then we will have cake and ice cream. So much excitement, I don't know if I can handle it!
The girls got him an absolutely HUGE bag of Peanut M&M's (I think it is the industrial size actually). He was very excited about that. We also got him the Eagles new album Long Road Out of Eden finally, I had promised it to him at Christmas when it came out, but every time I tried to get it at Walmart in our College town it was sold out. Finally the other day I thought to check the Walmart here and there were actually four copies. We also got him Lynyrd Skynyrd All the Greatest Hits (with a 14 minute live version of Free Bird no less). He was very happy.
All in all I think he will have had a very happy birthday when this day is done.


Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday to B. Mr. angelmeg from ALL the McConnell's..Shane and I got a kick out of the Lynard Skynard gift ... didn't know he was a fan! Tee Hee! Great photo too...that smile looks a little mischievous to me...thank God I know Mr. angelmeg better than that though..;)
God bless! McConnells!!!!

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday and Many Years!