Friday, November 02, 2007

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood . . .

so we are getting out of Dodge!

The angelbaby has half a day of school today, our older daughter is only in school until 1:00 (because that's the way they roll at her high school) and our middle daughter is in her year off after high school and sadly still hasn't had any luck finding a job (because no one seems to want to hire a slightly handicapped young woman, or because her employment counselor wasn't working hard enough) well for whatever reason she is volunteering this morning at the library at the angelbaby's elementary school but will be home by noon too.

Mrangelmeg is actually going to (and I am not making this up) take off part of his regular day off! Will wonders never cease?

Since we are all going to be home by 1:00, and the weather is so amazing we decided it was a perfect day to go to one of the many state parks we have around here (at least three within an hour's drive and a few more just a bit farther than that away) and hike away the afternoon.

The girls and I are more the leisurely strolling type of hikers, while mrangelmeg can tend to be the aggressive "hit the trail" type. I hope he doesn't get too upset with us if we decide that we just want to take a nice leisurely stroll through the woods instead of a Bataan death march.

I will update you all upon our return.


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