Sunday, November 11, 2007

Heart Breaker

Colts 21

Chargers 23

I thought this first half was a nightmare from last week's game. We went into halftime with a score of 7-23.

Then the Colts did what they have done pretty well all year, figure out what was going wrong and find a way to not let that happen again. They battled back and had some breaks go their way (with a spectacular end zone fumble recovery for a touchdown even) and came within two points of pulling out a victory but in the end they just couldn't get it together.

Peyton had a rough game, throwing 6 interceptions to take what I imagine is a team honor he really doesn't want (most interceptions thrown in one game).

The special teams need to really learn how to do some coverage, because two of the early touchdowns came on the Kickoff and a punt return.

And we lost Freeny to a foot injury, Clark had to sit out the game because of a head injury that showed up during the routine CAT Scan that all the players have to clear them on game day, and Deem was sitting out at the end of the game. With Harrison still not back we are really hurting on the injuries.


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