Monday, November 26, 2007

Time to Admit Defeat

I went back to the Dr. today because one week after being off antibiotics I am back to being just as sick as I was two weeks ago. I have been coughing up my socks for two days straight.

I am so tired and I ache all over. I suppose the only good thing is I don't actually have a fever.

So, the Dr. put me on another antibiotic and told me to get more rest (as if I could get much rest in the middle of my finals last go around) and do the whole lots of fluids and if I don't get better in a few days I should come back.

I am really hoping that this is all it takes. I am worn out from coughing so much. It actually keeps me awake, and then I am so tired during the daytime that I can hardly do anything.

So my plan is to lay low for a few days, get as much rest as possible and take the meds and see if I can't kick this thing for good. I do have a stack of books I have wanted to read for a long time on my bedside table, I think I will just indulge in a bit of reading for the next few days.

Keep me in your prayers.



Mimi said...

May you knock it down quickly, and enjoy the rest time (perhaps enjoy a good book)

onionboy said...

Hope you are up and running again soon. Nothing worse the a muddled head and aching body when facing big time exams. Yech.