Monday, November 05, 2007

Lord You Know How Much I Can Handle . . .

So enough is enough already!

This week I am dealing with mom's nursing home and Medicaid stuff. (Trust documents on the house etc, lawyers and payments and emails and phone calls and trips oh my).

On top of that our oldest daughter was in a car accident, not her fault, and we have to deal with the aftermath of getting that all straightened out and get her back into a drivable car (either her fixed car or some other car if they total out her car).

Then I still have about two/thirds of my systematics essay to complete, so I have books on church authority and the role of the theologian and the sense of the faithful spread out all over my bedroom hoping against hope that somehow I will get a spare moment to absorb some information and be inspired to write something down.

Middle daughter has to register with another work support group because her counselor quit and Vocational Rehabilitation is no longer going to work with that company. So I have to help her interview a new counselor.

Then this is a weird week at school; my younger daughter has tomorrow off and my high schooler only goes today and Wednesday all week.

And if all of that isn't enough I have a stinking cold.

I am helpless in your presence Lord. I offer you all of these tasks as gift Lord. Please offer me the strength I need to get through this week.



Gashwin said...

Hang in there Maggie!!!!! Extra prayers for all y'all this week!

Mimi said...

Yikes! Prayers for all!