Monday, November 19, 2007


I got a confirmation email from the Dean.

My finals are in his hands now.

It will take at least a month to clean up the clutter around my desk that had accumulated in the research phase of my essays. While I am at it I may as well clean the entire room, under the beds and the closet and, well everything. That will keep me so distracted that I won't have time to think about what is going on with the essays.

And in the end I will get my grades and have a clean bedroom.

This could be really great, either way I will have a clean bedroom.



Paul Stokell said...

All the clutter accumulated in the research phase of our Senior Theses in the days of the College were saved up and then disposed of in a huge conflagration known as the Thesis Burning Party. A blazing, Easter-Vigil--grade fire was lit, farewell messages and dedications were exchanged, vast quantities of carbon were sent into the air and even more vast quantities of beverages were consumed. Fun was had by all.

So, before you dispose of all that academic detritus, may I suggest you renew the old, revered tradition for the sake of the Lay students? Methinks your class in particular would get as much of a kick out of it than we youngsters did many moons ago...

Unknown said...

Burn Fides et Ratio? The thought is, well, inticing. Especially since I have had my copy since 1999. Mrangelmeg couldn't believe I had downloaded it way back then. It was the first papal document I ever read wayyyyyy back before I even thought of going to grad school.

There are a few other things I wouldn't mind burning though.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Angelmeg--do you get a thesis bound in the school library?

If so, you can put a crisp $5 in it before handing it over and see if it is still there five years from now. I was tempted to so this with my dissertation, but sadly, did not.

Congrats on being done!

Unknown said...

IC no such luck, I will have three ten page (Well one 14 page, one 8 page and one 9 page) papers that will be read by three professors History, Philosophy and Systematic Theology.

I have to get a B average on the three with no less than a C on any one paper to pass.

I have no illusions that anyone other than myself, mrangelmeg (who edited them) and the professor who grades each one will ever read them. Then they will slip into history as less than a footnote.

Happily for me at least in the case of the systematics essay, it wasn't my best work it was a case of I was down to the wire and had a horrible case of bronchitis and had to finish in five days so it ended up being "it is what it is." at the end of the five days.