Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Homily Wasteland

We have all had those Sunday homilies that have left us flat. I know I have experienced more than a few in my many years as a practicing Catholic. While I realize that we don't attend Liturgy for what we get from it, it does help to receive something, some little bit of solace, advice or grace from the readings and music of the liturgy.

But there are times when for whatever reason Fr.'s homily just doesn't do it for you. It is for just those times that it is really great to have a second source for homiletic inspiration. I want to again point your browsers to my pal from Gradual School who happens to be a very gifted Homilist: Deacon John who is blogging his homilies pretty regularly now at The Speakin' Deacon. Whenever the homily at my Liturgy falls flat for me and leaves me in Homily Wasteland ( which I have on good authority is somewhere south of teenage wasteland) I just mosey over to his blog and get a course correction. He usually inspires me.

I only wish you could hear him preach them, they are even better in person than when you read them. I hope he will inspire you too.


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Deacon John said...

I am humbled, and I thank you (at least I know someone is actually reading them!)