Monday, November 19, 2007

In the (e)mail

I emailed my essays to the Dean this morning. I send the hard copies later today from the post office. Freedom is within reach.

I had the worst nightmare last night that the rubric for the essays had stated that they were supposed to be 8-10 single-spaced pages instead of double-spaced pages. A bit late in the game to have to rethink that, and when I got up all frantic of course I couldn't find the rubric anywhere and it had been right on my desk for two months.

The evil one can play some nasty tricks on you at the 11th hour, especially when you are as filled with perfectionist tendencies as I am. (Well I really want to be a perfectionist, I'm just not quite good enough to be one.)

So, In just a few hours I will be completely free to sit back and wait for my grades, and that will take at least a month (judging from how long my friends have had to wait for their grades). In the meantime I think I will do some reading for fun. I was going to link to Loyola Classics but there must be something wrong with their Internet link right now.) Oh dear.


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