Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday is a day for Prayers, Reflection and Wind in my Hair?

So mom got put into the hospital last night because she was in a violent rage (not the first since she got to the nursing home) This one was so bad that for her own safety they had to restrain her to keep her from injuring herself and others. So we are back to square one, she is in a Geriatric Behavioral Health facility where hopefully they can address whatever it is that is causing these rages and get her back to her easygoing self (well as much as her disease will allow of that) and get her back into the nursing home as quickly as possible.

Mrangelmeg and I drove up to get her signed in and see if there was anything the hospital needed for us to know. Mrangelmeg was as excited as a 16 year old kid because I agreed to let him drive the Jeep (without the soft top). He loves his jeep and to get to take it out on the highway was a thrill I guess. I didn't mind all that much except for the tangles I got from having my hair whip around for three hours or more (in three drives not all at once).

Oldest daughter came back to pick up more of her clothes and regale me with stories about apartment living (still no working dryer in their apartment, half the complex was without power for most of the day, She and her roommates are getting along great.)

She has an interview at Staples tomorrow for a new (second) job. If they hire her she is going to work both jobs for a while to save money and then when she decided that she can live on her Staples salary she is going to quit waitressing altogether.

Mrangelmeg left right after dinner to visit with his mom. I think that spending the afternoon with my mom was a great wake up call that he needs to be more attentive to his mom while she is still alive and capable of conversation. My mother-in-love is a wonderful woman, she still washes and irons mrangelmeg's dress clothes (since she retired anyway) Me being the wonderful daughter-in-love that I am takes a load of dress clothes over to her house every week (What a sacrifice for me).

Please pray with me that things go well for my mom and my daughter.


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Mimi said...

Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy. Hugs to you, what a stressful time.