Monday, August 13, 2007

A Little Translational Humor

Adoro te Devote suggested this fun little activity.

Go to Google Translator have it translate your blog into another language and then translate that page back into English just to see what gets mixed up in translation.

I did that first into German then back into English:

Here are the results:

I was labeled: 8 things meme

Gashwin labeled me with meme

I cannot remember honestly, if I made this forwards. And there I even a special E-Mail invitation received to make it (I that he tries, think for receiving my mind off from my difficulties by sending me things, to make, complicated either or thinking philosophy of my mummy one while. I am so gratefully more reliever to him for the tension.

„The rules are simply… each player specify 8 facts/habits around itself. The rules of the play are set up at the beginning, before the facts/habits are specified. At the end of the post the player labels then 8 people and sets up their names, goes then to their Blogs and leaves her a remark, which leaves her to know that they were labeled, and pleadingly them to read your Blog “.

1. I am from nine children (6 girls, three boys). I have one brother and three sisters, who live her in the middle west with me, but the remainder of my family is spread over the country from Arizona to Florida after Pennsylvanien and then ours a brother lives at present in Spain. I wish that I spoke all more with them, but I am not the best at keeping in contact.

2. I write in journals. This is just as long a characteristic, which I have received from my nut/mother those always a journal for kept, as I can remember on. I went through some from its papers the other day and from their journal entrances on the back something advertisement found. It retained carefully it. I think of transferring him here on my Blog, because she is a marvelous writer, and this special entrance is filled with view, up like to live for the moment and not second the past guessing, or caring itself for the future.

3. I take still piano lessons. I do not play well however I only it for around one and a half year took. At least now I can now read the bass key scale, if I could receive only my fingers to play the notes which I read.

4. I am something learn-handicapped. It appears to a large extent as discalculia to the means which I often exchanges numbers, not the best thing to have happens with adjusting a cheque book.
It often happens, while I tap likewise, but thanks, to spell control which my efforts do not go off as completely incomprehensible.

5. I had played gulf with my father, when I was small -- importantly that it me from the T and then the impact twice on the channel and strike to let, if I were still not on the green I have mean ball fetched and on the green let it fall. Then I came to Putt three times. If I did not make it in the hole I, ball would fetch mine again. It was a large way to learn gulf but I had not played in years, when I had met mrangelmeg, and umlernen to play had, if I wanted to spend any time with him in the summers months. I am not too bad (as you might have read this summer) for someone making, which never actually took a lesson. I enjoy the play. I might actually as often have played as mrangelmeg this summer. It does not receive as much play time, when it had received.

6. Sadly I cannot speak another language. I could step myself for taking no language into university or secondary school however I other priorities then had. Now I do not try to learn Spanish and become very far even.

7. I try to notice still, what it is God of desires, me to make with mine soon master conclusion to be earned. I have for „some movement of the spirit “listened however up to now I much in the way of the direction did not hear. Thus I wait and pray and hope that if I feel the spirit movement which I will be ready to make whatever I am in demand. Until then I wait, and prays. I often said that in the words of that large theologian Tom Kleinlich “of the control rooms is the hardest part “.

8. In only over one month (on 10 October to be over exact) mrangelmeg and I become the 25. Anniversary of our first date celebrate. I told someone the other day which I can of me remind clearly the night I have recognized that I was in love in him. It was, when it was away for the weekend, and I did not want to see it, until Sunday evening or Monday depending on it like late a beginning, which he received from home. There I looked at its presence around my dwelling and was; a Flanellhemd which it had abandoned there one night, because the weather had turned unusually warmly; that mountain rope in the refrigerator; a sheet paper, which was fallen from a note book of its with its handwriting on it (class notes or laboratory notes or something). I did not begin to think itself about the future and could future for me imagine, which does not have him closed. Look back on which we have through-lives I can not to me be presented was made some from the things which I have made in my life without it by my side (including my master conclusion) to have. Therefore here is to being issued itself in memories around the past 25 years together and planning for the next 25.

I know who not to label so if you want to play along go right ahead.


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I hope mrangelmeg doesn't get upset that the translator continually calls him an it!!!!!!