Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Introducing: the newest member of our family

The angelbaby got a puppy while we were at my sister's house. She is a lab mix and is very cute. (the puppy in the picture isn't her, but looks a lot like her). She was 8 weeks old and hadn't yet been weaned when we brought her home but she isn't having trouble at all transitioning to solid food. By next week she should be eating hard puppy chow.

When I figure out why my camera isn't working I will take a picture of her and post it here.

The angelbaby has wanted another puppy to replace the two dogs that we never found and we have avoided getting her one for this long, but this was just too good and opportunity to pass up.

As if I really need any more stress in my life, now I have a little puppy to take up my time. I am trying to get the angelbaby to take care of her needs since she actually does belong to the angelbaby. I end up taking care of her about half the time though.

Oh well, this too will teach us great lessons and should be a positive thing for the family.



onionboy said...

Doggies are the best. The best.

O | |

Adoro te Devote said...

Awww! Pets are awesome...just don't have any illusions that angelbaby is going to take care of the dog. No matter what...YOU are in charge. Good luck, though.

It's worth it.

When I seek out rescue dogs, though, I look for adult dogs. My first rescue was 6 months and I almost walked away from her because of her age. That would have been one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Pets choose us, no matter what we try to think otherwise. And really, if our pets choose us, it really means God is pointing a finger and saying "YOU are my Steward for this animal!"

Have fun with the little furball!

The Girl Within said...

Awww Lab's are great family dogs too, you chose a great breed, they're really loving and completely lovable!!