Saturday, August 25, 2007

It Starts . . . (again)

It is so much easier to raise boys than girls (at least in our household our son was so much easier than any one of his sisters).

After three days of fifth grade the angelbaby informed me that she has a BF (for the other parents out there she means boyfriend). She swore to me that this relationship was going to last. She was so earnest about the fact I tried not to laugh out loud.

When I asked her what exactly did it mean in terms of relationship to have a "BF" in the fifth grade she said that they sit at lunch together and "hang out" at recess together.

When I informed mrangelmeg of the new social development in our angelbaby's life he got that scary dad-of -daughters look that can only mean "where did I put my shot gun shells". This being his fourth daughter, I have seen that look before.

I wanted to tell the angelbaby to slow down, she has plenty of time to have BF's when she gets to college, but I remained silent. I am the mother of four girls, I have learned the hard way when to give advice and when to shut up.

Our oldest daughter went through a relationship last year with a guy she really liked, and for a while they were inseparable. Then he decided that he wasn't ready for a long term commitment and they broke up but "remained friends".

They saw each other just as often as before, but with no messy commitment between them (and she had to start paying for her own movies and food and such). This lasted for nearly the entire summer until he told her that he "couldn't move on until she got over him because he didn't want to break her heart." Her response was WHATEVER and she promptly went out and began dating other guys. Good for her.

One new guy seemed particularly compatible. They both like the Red Sox (go figure she spent less than a year in Boston when she was 2 and suddenly the Red Sox are her team.) They both liked the same kind of music and movies. They spent nearly 8 hours together on their first date (do they still call them dates?). A few days later he text messaged her and said that he was just looking for sex and see ya! Good for her for having the presence of mind not to give him what he was looking for on the first date.

Our Middle daughter, who is a senior in High School this year has that look in her eye that this is the year she is going to get a BF. My little speech about having plenty of time in college isn't going to work on her either.


Maybe I should help mrangelmeg find his shells.


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Paul Stokell said...

Hollowpoints are so much cheaper. None of that nasty scattershot.