Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What Else . . .

So this being Fat Tuesday I thought I should lay out my entire plan for Lent. Accountability is everything.

Since I have a growing fascination with the Philosophy of Cosmology (amazingly this has nothing to do with Makeup, click on the link and you can see what it really means.) I wanted to spend Lent reflecting on Creation and Grace. What better way to do that than with this book:

Quantum Grace by Judy Cannato

I have already read the introduction and can't wait for tomorrow morning so that I can begin to read the daily readings. I suppose that for all of my struggles against Philosophy, I just had to find a topic that interested me and I would discover that deep within there was a budding Philosopher waiting to be nurtured. Perhaps Cosmology is that topic for me.

I am planning to give everything I find in my house that I really don't need to charitable organizations as I implement the organizational strategies that I will be using as I give up my life as a slob. The clutter will be eliminated as I pare down what I own to the minimum that I need (and I mean what I really need, not what I want to have, or what makes me have to do laundry less often).

I have been thinking about this a lot. I have decided to fast from excuses for not getting exercise daily. I can come up with 101 reasons not to do 30 minutes of exercise every day. So I have decided that my fasting this Lent will be a fasting from excuses, I will do 30 minutes of some form of exercise every day. It may be walking on the treadmill, it may be ballroom dancing (which mrangelmeg and I are still doing every Friday, our new Swing class begins a week from Friday) it may be Yoga, or stretch bands or Pilates. Each day without excuse I will carve out 30 minutes sometime during my day to do some form of exercise.

I am also giving up being a slob, which will be very difficult for me because I have a definite tendency toward inertia. I think I may give up sitting down to watch television to keep myself motivated. In other words, if I want to watch any television this Lent I will have to be doing something else, such as folding laundry, walking on the treadmill. cleaning a room, or cooking a meal. If there isn't something constructive for me to do while I am watching I will have to turn off the television. I will not allow myself to sit in a chair and watch television this Lent, unless the family is watching a show together.

That sounds like a pretty good plan.

Happy Lent everyone. I hope you all grow in holiness and love these wonderful 40 days that God and the Church grant us.



Suzanne said...

Good plan...I hope and pray that you do as well as you hope to. I've yet to formally place mine down in writing, however, it is so funny...ours is very similar in approach...reading more spiritually, simplifying, less procrastination in doing things for this body and home..on and on.
God bless.

angelmeg said...

That is because

Like minds think Greatly

or something like that.