Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lenten Meme

Favorite Sorrowful Mystery

I have always had the most revelations come from "The Agony in the Garden" I think because when one is in the worst painful moment in ones life it is easy to find comfort in knowing that Jesus spent time in pain and doubt as well.

In a totally not unrelated note when I am praying for seminarians I find there are times when their faces come to me during this decade of the rosary. ( as opposed to The Finding of the Christ child in the Temple --where He was about His Father's work) when that happens I pray all the more for them.

Station of the Cross

Jesus Dies This might seem macabre, but I read a meditation on this once that said " If my prayer could make you live one moment longer than God's plan for your life, please give me the strength to not pray." Ever since I read that I have been much more able to accept the fact that death is a natural part of life, and comes when God wills it. I neither fear death, nor do I wish to choose the time for it. I love life, but realize that every moment that we have on this earth is a precious gift.

Do I fast?

I try to fast from something during lent. I try to choose something I hate in myself, so that when I emerge from the 40 days I have cleansed myself of that thing that has made me weak. I also try to fast from food on Fridays, eating smaller meals. Unfortunately, I have blood sugar issues and fasting isn't the best thing for my overall disposition.


I have a post on them, so I won't restate them. I have been keeping them for the most part, except the 30 minutes of exercise, which seems to get lost in the shuffle. I will have to be a bit more intentional about that one.

Do I use Holy Water?

One parish in town has it available, the other doesn't, so it really depends upon where I am attending Mass if I use it or not. I like the idea of the absence helping to train our senses, but if it is available I will use it.

Do I attend Mass more often?

So far I haven't had much chance, but in the next couple of weeks that should change dramatically. I plan to try to attend Mass a lot more often as Lent progresses. I need the strength.


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Suzanne said...

We do have Holy Water now, btw.
Father Bill says.... :) I think some people really feel they need it to help remind them that the devil is always lurking, so for them and the fact that maybe having it gone ALL Lent is just not the best plan...I understand that it is meant to be taken our Holy Thursday night. Maybe not long enough, but....