Friday, February 16, 2007


So I was thinking about my Lenten sacrifice for this year, and Sr. Mary Martha says she is going to give up Basketball. I thought (unfortunately, out loud) this is great, I will give up basketball too.

That was when mrangelmeg informed me that I had to, well, you know, actually watch basketball in order to give it up for lent. Since it has been probably 18 years at least since I actually tried to pretend that I was watching basketball with mrangelmeg I suppose that he is right.


I suppose I will have to continue to think about my Lenten sacrifice.


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Suzanne said...

ROFL! I didn't know you don't watch basketball..not that I watch too very much of it, myself!
I just thought that in this is almost impossible to get out a wee little bit of it, anyway! I think for lent I just need to really discipline myself more about the things I need to do "on time" here in my own backyard, so to speak. Lots of the bills! Clean out closets and drawers and give things away that I've been sitting on like a laying hen! Exercise more regularly..mostly so I am not too lazy to do the above! Finish painting my laundry room that I thought would be done months ago, etc. Do these things without complaining. Maybe try to do one thing each day that I procrastinate about and make my family somewhat miserable over. I don't eat enough chocolate to make that my sacrifice...did I say that? Yep...I really don't, so I am already disciplined that way in some respect...nope, my bugga boo is downright laziness and I know this down deep. Haven't heard from you...miss you.