Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Change my What? O' Lord!

So I was playing around with my mad biblical translation skills, this being Lent and all and I was trying to translate the passage from Ezekiel (18:31) but I think I may have gone slightly astray on my way to the proper English noun.

You see when I was all done with the verse this is what I was led to do.

I was sure that the phrase was properly rendered make for yourselves a new hair color.

Oh well, hearts. hair color, it is all part of the same body. And I still have 39 days left of Lent to work on the new heart too.

BTW, don't I look awesomely beautiful in the picture?

I hope you all have a joyful Lent.



Anonymous said...

Personally, I think you should trim your bangs, or perhaps part it in the middle.

Either way, I can't wait to get home to run my fingers through it.


Suzanne said...

Oops...I was going to comment, but I better get outta here...its getting rather personal!

I do love this color on you, but I'd like to see your pretty face too! :) Suz

angelmeg said...

You guys are soooo funny. This picture was taken of the back of my head, to protect my online identity.

I like being an enigma. It's all part of my internet charm.