Monday, February 19, 2007

My Lenten Sacrifice for 2007

I have prayed and meditated and examined my life over the last few weeks. I have discussed with mrangelmeg what would be good for me to offer up to God this lent. I have determined that there is something very big that I have been clinging to for a long time that I should give up.

It will take all of the will power and prayer support I can muster to give this thing up, but I honestly believe that if I can banish this from my life these 40 days of Lent, I will be a better person for it, and my husband and children will benefit as well.

What, you might ask is this thing that will create such an enormous change in my life?

I am going to give up being a SLOB!

I really mean it, I am going to get organized and stay organized. In fact I have already begun in little ways to accomplish this task. I started by organizing the kitchen junk drawer, and it wasn't even all that painful, unless you count the pin I got stuck in my finger. now when I open the drawer to get the tape I can actually find tape! What a concept!

Next I organized the silverware drawer by getting a larger holder for the silverware (one that actually fits the drawer and the set of silverware). I am telling you. If I stick with this and do one simple organizational job every day of Lent I will be in great shape by Holy Week.

And I will be able to find things, like the set of keys to the van I lost last week after using them only once.

So, goodbye to disorganized, slobby angelmeg you are gone with Fat Tuesday. Each day of Lent I will be working on those get organized strategies that I have been trying to put in place for years.

I can do this.



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Suzanne said...

It is all because of you that I cleaned out 7 junk drawers today!
Are you happy? ;)!!!