Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Everything Happens for a Reason . . .

even cars breaking down.

Today my car broke down and I am stranded at my mom's house. I had intended to leave here by noon and be on my merry way back home. Unfortunately, due to a mechanical failure that I first thought was a dead battery because this is the first time my car hasn't been in a garage at night, but is something more serious because a jump didn't help and the electrical stuff came right back I had to have my car towed to a shop.

So, now I am here at mom's and am observing what my sisters have to deal with when they take care of my mom. Last night was a bad night. Mom didn't settle down until after one in the morning. I think she finally got to sleep at 3. I stayed awake so that if she came back down stairs someone would be awake. My sisters do this every night! She seems pretty awake having only had a few hours sleep, I am exhausted.

Her medication is supposed to keep her calm and not agitated, but she has gotten angry three or four times today over things that don't really matter. My sisters have handled it really well, but to have to take this kind of abuse every day would be extremely hard to bear I think.

Mom needs to have her meds changed for sure. Alzheimer's is such a dance, one set of meds will work for a while, and then suddenly it will just stop working. At least now we know. If my sisters are going to be able to take care of her and take care of themselves, we need to get this straightened out very quickly.

Good can be so good. If my car hadn't broken down I wouldn't have seen how really bad this was getting with my own eyes. I only hope this lesson doesn't cost me too much in car repairs.


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Suzanne said...

angelmeg...Danny said it could be your "timing belt" or your "distributor" He said the "timing belt" might cost a little...you've been so good...need help?

I think your mother is going through a "new" phase of her Alzheimer's. She may get really angry at times and wander around. My sister had to lock bedroom doors at night and mom would bang on everyone's door over and over. It didn't help if you were up, so they did this only to at least be able to lay down on their beds until she was ready to go back to sleep. They would get up if she got quiet because then they wanted to make sure she wasn't hurting herself...they didn't sleep much during those weeks at this house.
Then she would say some curse words that she NEVER said normally and actually HATED cursing for the most part..it was so not like her...you cannot take it personally, but you will sometimes...just remember it is not personal. This is the difficult tiring part. I would imagine there are similarities with Alzheimer's patients, so I am only telling you our side. Two times my neighbor had to bring mom into my house across the street because she had gotten out and was walking around in her robe and the neighbor saw her through her livingroom window...blessedly!
I'm here..if you need to vent. OK?
Call me if you want to. I love you, angelmeg. Suzanne