Thursday, January 11, 2007

Improvement Time

So I have decided that I am finally over my virus that I got at Christmas and sufficiently back to a level of well being that will permit me to begin to do something about my general state of health. In other words it is time to


Mrangelmeg is always after me to go to the YMCA with him, but he goes at 9:00 at night! I did try to go with him a few times but it was disastrous. By that time in the evening the most energy I can muster is to keep my eyes open and laugh heartily at whatever we are watching on television. I am just not a high energy evening person.

Not for nothing, but I could stand to lose a few pounds (like most of us, but maybe me more than some). I am sure that my arthritic joints, especially my knees would love to be carrying around less weight. I could stand to strengthen my back which is giving me a bit of trouble again. As for my abs, I would not be surprised if someone asked me when the baby were due, that is what I think when I look at my flabby tummy.

So anyway, I did something radical yesterday. I registered for the Discovery Health National Body Challenge which offers exercise and diet tips and promises 8 weeks to a healthier you. Of course, because of my food allergies, most of the meal plans are ones that I will not be able to use, but I might be able to adapt them, but I can use the exercise planner and some of the motivational tips and other helps on the site to keep me on the right track. I have promised myself that I will keep this going for at least 8 weeks, and I will make myself accountable by keeping a record of both diet and exercise.

On the diet end I am not going to focus so much on calories as on portions. No more sitting down with a huge snack of chips or some other empty calorie snack in the afternoon. I am going to start making more intelligent choices. More fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. More lean meats and the use of my new George Foreman G5 I got for Christmas to make healthy grilled preparations.

For exercise I am going to start using the exercise equipment and videos and DVDs that I have collected over the years. Three to five mornings a week I am going to set aside some time to actually move my body. I have a nice little collection of equipment, so I shouldn't get bored or have to use anything so often I get bored. When I feel like I won't embarrass myself because I am so wimpy I might even venture out to the YMCA some morning and use the workout equipment there or take a swim or something.

Who knows, when the weather gets warmer I might even get my old bicycle overhauled and take it out on the wonderful bike trails we have here in town.

I am really committed to this, I think the only way I am going to get completely healthy is to whip this body back into some semblance of muscle tone and endurance. What I am trying to say is that I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I am declaring 2007 to be the year of the new and improved angelmeg. Here is how the pledge is worded:

I, angelmeg, challenge myself to do my best to eat healthy, whole foods
every day, to get up and omve around more, to make the time to exercise, a to
keep a log of my progress. By doing so, I'm improving the quality of my
own life and my loved one's as well.

I will keep you updated as I go along.



Mothering Bunday said...

Good Luck!

Suzanne said...

angelmeg...its late and I am tired, but I am tired because although I spent a good day walking around with my grandsons in a big museum, I ate all the wrong crap...until tonight when Shane and I stopped by Chick-fill-a
or however you spell it...I was doing real good getting a salad with just chicken and using only half the dressing UNTIL I told Shane he could get an icecream cone and he thought I meant to get BOTH of us one! LOL! Noone else was around with us to eat it for me, but anywhoooo, what I want to say, is that you'll do great. You have been taking better care of yourself this past year and I know you're going to just add to that because you sound good and motivated and your husband will be such a help too! Hey...I have told many people (and I am older than you by several years, as you know) that if you don't do things now before 50...let me just say, nevermind...I don't have to say it, do I? You doesn't get any easier. So, I am constantly on my tail about these things. I like to walk by the way when and if you are ever ready for a partner somedays. It would help me too! I think I'll check that site out, but I am really sleepy now. Suz