Thursday, January 25, 2007

Undue Influence, But This Kind I Could Get Used To

So I went to my parish library yesterday after morning mass. Did I tell you all how much I love the new priest (I think I did). I intended to pick up a few books on ancient and medieval philosophy to read between now and when I have to take those dreaded classes next summer. What I found was a veritable gold mine of books on Philosophy and Religion (what did I expect in a parish library after all?)

So, anyway, I pulled a few books off of the shelf and was quite satisfied. I had reading material for the next month or two, and would be well versed in ancient and medieval philosophy. I was about to leave when because of the influence of my Internet pals I could not stifle the urge to check out just one more book.

Now, lets you and I play a little game of "one of these things is not like the others": Which of the books in angelmeg's stack doesn't quite fit into the category of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy studies: Which do you suppose I was coerced to pick up because of my affiliation with that wild group of men?

Introduction to Thomas Aquinas

The Emergence of a Philosophy of Religion

Medieval Thought: Augustine and Aquinas

Kierkegaard an Introduction

And the funniest thing of all, in a day with no time at all to read I have practically devoured the silly thing. I am almost halfway through. Can you imagine if I had had any real free time yesterday.

If we had studied Kierkegaard in my Modern Philosophy Class last summer I might not have gone so starkers. He actually makes sense, and poetic sense at that. I am in awe and indebted once again to the guys across the blogosphere for the shove.

Now I have to back-track a few centuries and begin reading the other stuff.


Work, work, work.



The Ironic Catholic said...

You won't be disappointed. :)

Mark Mossa, SJ said...

Ah, yes, the Great Dane!!

One of my kindred spirits.