Wednesday, January 17, 2007

National Body Challenge Update

Just so you know I will NOT be posting my weight on this sight. That is a number best left between me and my God.

I will though be posting occasionally the types of exercise activities I have been engaging in as a way to keep myself motivated and possibly to motivate someone else to try them (or not).

Today I spent a half hour walking briskly (well just above the slow setting actually) on the treadmill, while I was reading The Conversion of Augustine written by Romano Guardini in case anyone is interested in what I am reading as well.

Then I did 1/2 hour of Yoga with a video I got from Walmart. It is called Yoga for the Core. It was very invigorating as this segment was intended to energize me rather than strengthen any one area of my body.

I am being pretty faithful to five days of exercise a week with two days free, though I do count Ballroom dancing class as an exercise day (hey you try it and then you tell me it isn't a full body workout!).

On the free days I park my car farther away and try to walk a little more quickly on my errands and things like that without intentionally doing any real exercising.

So far I feel pretty good.

I may or may not post some of the changes in my diet, but as I said before, I am really only focusing on making healthier choices without really counting calories or doing anything that would be considered dieting at this point.


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Anonymous said...

Hey! You're doin allright, sista! ;) Suz