Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Resolutions I Plan to Keep

1) I plan to wake up each and every day this year, and eventually to actually get out of bed.

2) I plan to talk to each of my children as often as I can, even if they don't talk to me first, AND even if I have to chase them down and make them talk to me. (teenagers what can I say)

3) I plan to laugh.

4) I plan to breathe as deeply as I can as often as I can (hey, you get asthma and then you will understand how important this one is)

5) I plan to have completed all of the requirements for my Masters program by the end of this calendar year (if the good Lord is willing and the creak don't rise as they say around these parts.)

6) I plan to make sure that mrangelmeg knows how much I love him every day.

7) I plan to write more intentionally than I have done in the past.

8) I plan to keep learning about God through study and spiritual direction.


1 comment:

Suzanne said...

Great great plans! You are already pretty good at these, but just like me...its more about being willing to give more of me!