Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Pretty Good Weekend for Sports

In the angelmeg household anyway.

First our Beloved Cardinals won the World Series in just five games. My favorite fan poster of the series was the one that said Experts are Idiots because all of the pundits had the Tigers winning the series and some even said it would be a Tiger sweep.

Then yesterday IU beat Michigan State in Football. And it wasn't just a squeak by win in the last second, they dominated the entire game and won with a 46-21 final score. We were working the concession stand so we could only watch the small monitor posted in the concourse, but it sure looked like a good game, and it sounded like the fans were having a great time.

And Finally, tonight our Colts kept their title of Undefeated, and the best clutch team in the league by defeating Denver 34-31 in one of the tensest games I have ever watched them play this year. I love Peyton Manning, I am also a big fan of Jeff Saturday, the center.I am really beginning to love Adam Venatieri. That man can really kick them when we need them. He has a lot of poise and has come in to win a few really close games for us this year.

So, needless to say the sports fans in the angelmeg household are pretty happy bunch. And we didn't even watch a golf tournament which probably would have really made the weekend perfect.



Suzanne said...

I was thinking just the same thing...last night about all of the wins and we also heard Tennessee won their game as well...yes, good weekend for sports stuff.

Mark Mossa, SJ said...

Yes, but Indianapolis is in our house this weekend, where Peyton has been known to choke once or twice!

Hopefully it'll get a little colder for him. :)

Fr. Gaurav Shroff said...

Defniitely not for a South Carolina fan ... :-(

Well, Clemson lost ... :)