Friday, October 20, 2006

Another Hilarious Day at The Office

So I have admitted before that I am an absolute fan-natic of the NBC Show The Office.

I watched the webisodes this summer with the patience of an addict waiting for the weekly fix every Thursday. I will even admit to checking back on Wednesdays just to see if they might have done me a solid and put up a webisode a day early!

My 20 year old daughter bought seasons 1 and two on DVD, saving me the expense (praise the Lord) so I have been watching the deleted scenes, bloopers reels and listening to the commentary reels. It was from the cast commentary on one of the episodes that I found out that Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam, has a Myspace page.

I joined Myspace a few weeks ago to read the Secret Public Journal of one of my favorite comedians from the Bob and Tom Show, Mike Birbiglia, so now I have access to Jenna Fischer's blog, along with a few other of the cast members of The Office!!

One of my favorite cast member MySpace pages is Toby (is Paul). Paul Lieberstien, who plays Toby on the show is an amazing actor and comedy writer.

One of my favorite entries on his MySpace blog is:

A note to would be identity thieves . . .
prepare to not get laid.

He also has a Book Title of the Month Club that is really funny.

Anyway, Now I don't have to wait for Thursdays to indulge my Office addiction, I have many, varied outlets for the funny I need.


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