Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mental Pause Moment #1 Thermostats: internal and external

Is it me or is it hot/cold in here . . .

Why is it that a woman's thermostat suddenly goes kaput during this time in her life?

I used to always be cold and to joke about how nice it would be to have hot flashes so that occasionally I would get to be warm for a change. Boy was I mistaken.

Now instead of being predictably cold 99% of the time all year round, I am freezing cold one minute, then just when I have adjusted my clothing or the room temperature to make my self feel warm enough so I can stop thinking about how I feel, I will have a hot flash and be sweating my head off.

It is the worst at night. I have a hard time finding sleeping attire that is comfortable because I tend to be freezing when I go to sleep, but then wake up a few hours later in a pool of sweat because my temperature has risen a couple hundred degrees while I am asleep. I get tons of exercise just shoving the covers on and off at night.

So, throughout all of this I have been pondering which would be worse, a hell that is cold or hot. (Hoping with all my heart in a loving and merciful God who will not allow me to send myself there, but catch me on the wrong day getting hit by a bus and all bets are off!)

Having been too cold for most of my life, and now just recently having experienced the too hot moments I still think that a cold hell would be worse. That is unless in the hot hell one were unable to sweat. hmmmm, any thoughts?

At least I know that eventually my little experiment in thermostat control issues will work itself out. Maybe when it is all over my body will have figured out how to be normal temperature. Wouldn't that be a treat?

Hey, it could happen.


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Suzanne said...

I seemed to have passed through most of the night comes occasionally...still, how I remember those nights your are referring to.
The latest ones are when you are just standing there and it feels like your body just turned into a heater and the heat isn't coming out...dry quick hot heat. Crazy! That hasn't happened too often and I'm not sure which I'd prefer.
I hope you don't go on as long as 53 or
more, but I didn't start this stuff until I was about 50-51, so ??? Hang in there, Momma! :)