Monday, October 16, 2006

Your Weekly Shot of B16: Where Your Treasure Should Be Stored

From the Homily of Canonization Mass on Sunday at which he canonized four saints:

"If man puts his trust in riches in this world
he does not attain the full meaning of life or authentic joy."
"On the contrary, if, trusting in the word of God,
he denies himself and his properties for the kingdom of Heaven,
he seems to lose much, but in reality gains everything," the Pope said.
"The saint is precisely that man or woman who,
responding with joy and generosity to Christ's call,
leaves everything to follow him," the Holy Father said.
The Pontiff added: "Earthly riches occupy and preoccupy the mind and heart.
"Jesus does not say that they are evil,
but that they separate us from God if they are not 'invested' so to speak,
in the kingdom of heaven, if they are not spent for those who are in poverty."
Read the entire article here along with articles about the four saints.
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