Monday, October 16, 2006

When it Rains . . .

Last Wednesday my car was rear-ended in a rainstorm. I have some substantial damage to the rear bumper, but I am fine. My insurance company finally tracked down the insurance company of the young man who hit me and I will soon be getting the damage to my car fixed, I hope.

Tonight, my dear son, who has only been driving for less than a month was driving his truck in the twilight on a rainy four lane street following my husband who was taking his mother's car to the shop, and somehow got distracted and swerved into the other lane and was in an accident. He is fine, but his truck is damaged beyond repair probably.

I feel worse for his confidence behind the wheel than for his driving ability. The poor kid only got his licence a few weeks ago at the age of 22. I think he probably just wasn't ready for the conditions.

Our agent is going to love us now. Oh well, that is why we have insurance.

Please pray for my son, that he will be able to move forward from this and regain his confidence and hopefully get behind the wheel of a car again and drive soon. I know that an accident early in my driving career scared me away from driving for nearly 12 years.



Suzanne said...

I am so thankful that he is okay!
I will keep him in my prayers...I've been so happy for him...he must not let this stop him. Maybe rain will concern him, but maybe nice days won't ..that is a thougth and a beginning. God bless!

The Ironic Catholic said...

Oh Angelmeg! I'm glad both you and your son are OK--these events can be very scary. I will pray for your son.

And good luck with the paperwork....