Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mental Pause Moment #2 The Hair Dilemma

I have never had the greatest hair. I have always envied women who have full bouncy beautiful hair. Mine is thin, fine and wispy on a good day.

Unfortunately, since this menopause adventure has begun two things have changed. Now my very fine hair is even more dry, and it is even beginning to fall out! What is up with that?

I mean really, if hair has to start falling out of my body I can think of a few more desireable places for it to be gone from than the top of my head for goodness sake. I would love to never ever have to shave my legs again, why can't menopause cause the hair on my legs to fall out? I ask you?

But, alas no, I stand in the shower and watch as the precious strands come out each time I wash my hair. I have taken to using slightly more expensive shampoos, (believe me, I am the discount queen when it comes to health and beauty products) hoping desperately that I will find one that will stop the thinning.

I would hate to think that someday I will have to start using something more drastic.

For now I will stick to prayer, does anyone know who the patron saint of hair loss is?


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Suzanne said...

LOL! These are great...and THAT is what we need to get through this time!
My hair has fallen out so often, but guess what...sometimes it actually goes through a thickening time or something because I have had that happen...I'll find the name of a product that I use...not that expensive and share it with you...its upstairs at the moment.
Anyway, do use some things on your hair that are healthy at least sometimes...that's okay ...I do and I at least think it feels and looks better SOMETIMES...anyway, I have the same kind of hair, but then you know me.
Oh! Guess what, you will have very SLOW hairgrowth in those other places before long...I hardly ever need to shave my legs now. Well, anyway, that is my story for now. Ha! Anyway, these are great, angelmeg...! Thanks!
Hope you got to lunch with Becky yesterday and had fun! I was sick and stayed home all day as it turned out.