Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Man Mitch Renames a Highway.

It appears that a stretch of highway (Indiana 150) outside of Saint Mary of the Woods College in West Terre Haute, IN will be renamed St. Mother Theodore Guerin Memorial Highway.

I spent eight years in Terre Haute, I wouldn't say they were formative because I didn't get there till high school and I left after college, but St. Mary of the Woods is a well known place. It is run by Mother Theodore's Sisters of Providence, and until recently was all female, but I believe they actually have some male students now so long as the men don't live on campus.

Besides St Mary of the Woods, there is precious little on that stretch of road. It is also not what you would call a major thoroughfare since the interstate is a few miles away. But perhaps the road less traveled is a better choice to be named for a saint.

Thanks to the Curt Jester for the link.


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Suzanne said...

How cool is that? Are you going next weekend to the big todoo there? Alot of folks here are. I am not sure yet. I think Crista is going up with Joe Brake and some folks. ?? It ought to be really crowded!