Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Well Ordered Place for My Passion

So I started drinking wine with dinner about two years ago (for the medicinal qualities, among other things). Since then I have purchased wine and just set the bottles on the kitchen counter. All the while I have been searching for a wine rack, but have never quite found the one I wanted and have been unable to settle for something I really didn't want just because I needed someplace to put the clutter of wine bottles on my counter.

I was really beginning to get frustrated, and to wonder if I would ever find something that I really liked. It so happened that this past week we had mrangelmeg's cousin Lilli visiting us from Taos NM, and since I was being the gracious hostess, I bowed out of working the IU vs Iowa Football game concession stand (Go Hoosiers, what a win!) and Lilli and I drove up to Oliver Winery for a wine tasting and tour.

We had a wonderful time and while we were waiting in line with our bottles of wine to purchase (because you can't just taste Gewurztraminer and Viongier that is that amazing without purchasing a few bottles to take home!) I happened to be standing right next to the absolutely perfect wine rack to match my dining room table and chairs.

So, not only did I come away from the day with a couple of nice bottles of wine and a really cool wine opener, I also have a very nice place to store them. And to make everything just perfect, Lilli bought me a wine journal so that I can keep track of the wines I like and keep notes about the ones I am not so fond of so that I can keep them all straight in my head.

All in all I would say it was a very very nice day.

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