Saturday, April 30, 2005

Proud Mama

My oldest daughter has chosen to study the rigourous field of Theater at Indiana State University. Anyone will tell you that at the college level this is a very cut throat and demanding field of study. Though she has said she doesn't want to be an actor, as she prefers technical theater to onstage performance, she did have the opportunity this year to perform onstage twice; once for a class, and in another play written by a student. She also worked very hard as assistant stage manager for one of the Major productions that the department put on, as well as doing many other odds and ends jobs as they became available throughout the year.

Last night they held their end of the year banquet and awards ceremony and not only was she awarded the Best Assistant Stage Manager award, but she also received the distinction of Freshman of the Year. She was very shocked to receive this honor, and very happy as this was affirmation from the entire department that she is valuable to them.

I am so very pleased with her success. She really is good at what she does, and she has been doing this since she became the stage manager for her middle school production of Your A Good Man Charlie Brown because she didn't get an onstage part. While other kids were on stage getting the curtain calls, she was learning how to write line notes and light cues. She can do just about any task that needs to be done back stage and does them all with a smile. Just don't expect her to trust a surge supressor anymore. (inside joke)

I just had to let everyone know how happy I am to see how well she is using the gifts God has given her.



Suzanne said...

Congratulations to Katie!

Uncle Mat said...

Yay Katie!!!!!!!!