Sunday, April 17, 2005

Play a game with me!

Take the book that is sitting there on your computer desk, you know you have at least one within arms reach. If you don't have one that close go get one.

Open the book to page 23.

Count down to the fifth sentence on that page.

Post the sentence in the comment section of this blog.

Really, try it. I will show you how it works.

I just happen to have a few books here!!! HA, if you saw my desk you would laugh.

I just got back from a conference and bought some really cool books so I will use the one on the top of the stack:

Finding God in the Dark: Taking the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius to the Movies by John Pungente SJ and Monty Williams SJ

Page 23 Line 5:

When you note in your journal your consolations and desolations you also need to note where they lead you.

Okay, your turn.

(Thanks to Heather, what a great idea)

I'm really not trying to find out if anyone really reads my blog, Well maybe a little.



scottie b said...

her social growth remained unstunted, however, even though she skipped no fewer than three grades in elementary school and one grade in high school; she had a master's degree in biology before her twentieth birthday.

ishmael, by daniel quinn

Heather said...

I figured I'd do it again :o) I've got a different book beside me this time.

"Harry, Ron and Hermione knew otherwise, however; they had come face-to-face with Wormtail only the previous year, though only Professor Dumbledore had believed their story."

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling.

A little lighter reading this time too :o)