Friday, April 15, 2005

Who Will be our Next Pope?

Every news agency on the planet seems to have an opinion on this subject, even guessing as to which Cardinal has the highest percentage of backers going into the conclave. I will tell you exactly who is going to be our next pope, so listen very carefully.

Our next pope will be the man that the Holy Spirit chooses to lead the church. And chances are pretty fair that he has no idea at this moment that in a few days he will be called upon by his church and his brother Cardinals to assume the awesome role of leader of the world's Catholic faithful.

My prayers go out to these men whose job it is now to be open in prayerful, self-emptying discernment to the will of the Holy Spirit for the world.

Don't get me wrong; I do have my own short list of favorites, and I have done my share of table speculation over dinner or coffee in the last week. I would never presume to make public my opinion on this subject as though it carried any validity or weight in terms of the final choice. I learned a very long time ago that there is a God, and it ain't me. Thank God!

I will be prayerfully awaiting the white smoke like all the other faithful, along with every news media outlet in the world.


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Unknown said...

by the grace of god, let him not be a progressive please!