Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Just When you Think You Know it All . . .

I just finished one of my gradual school courses. I drove away from School on Sunday secure in the thought that I was done, complete, finito. Then on Monday evening I went online to check in at the school website and what do I find but the syllabus for my next class. I now have about 300 pages of reading to complete in the next two weeks.

Oh well, so it goes. This next class is very dissimilar from the class I just finished. Part of the reason I chose the courses in the order I did was because I wanted that diversity of form and subject. Last semester I was studying the Initiation Rites and Sacraments of the Catholic Church. This first summer term I will be studying the Gospel of John and other Johanine Pauline New Testament writings. Then later on this summer I will be studying the American Catholic Identity. Doesn't it all sound fun and interesting?

You know, when I look back on that last paragraph, in fact it does look very fun and interesting. I guess I will stay in Gradual School a little while longer, so long as I am still having so much fun after all.


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Heather said...

Actaully I do think studying the Gospel of John and the Johnannie and Pauline NT writings sounds fasinating :o) Of course did lead my last Bible study on the Gospel of John and have now moved on to the letters. Enjoy!