Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My Two Favorite TV Shows: Which Might Explain a Lot

This season there have been only two shows on television that I have not wanted to miss. Well three, but we won't count my guilty pleasure and if you are patient I will tell you what that is.

Those of you faithful readers who have been with me for a while know that I think that Joan of Arcadia is about the best show out there. I really hate to miss even a moment of an episode. This season's writing has been amazing and taken the characters in very interesting and multidimensional directions. My dream job would be to write for the producer of this show some day. I really hope now that the battle lines have been drawn between good and the evil one, this show is allowed to come back for another season. I would hate to think CBS would leave the faithful followers of Joan out on a spiritual limb like this.

My other favorite show, which may shock and surprise some of you is the show House on Fox. This show, about a drug addicted genius MD with serious personality issues, has what can only be classified as the funniest writing on a drama I have ever heard. The timing is amazing, and when you factor into that the understanding that the lead actor is pulling the entire thing off while suppressing his natural accent it makes it even more amazing.

I can't wait to see this show every week, and each week it doesn't disappoint. Though I was a bit upset by the Chi McBride storyline, which I think took too much time away from what the show did best: medical mystery. I am just crazy about how carefully they have revealed little bits and pieces of the back story of each of the major characters from week to week without making you feel as though you are sitting through some long stretch of exposition.

My greatest fear is that either one of these two shows will get the axe because they are just too good for the general public who are happy watching fluff like Joey and Survivor.

For now I am hoping I will get at least another season of each, and to that end I am planning to write my first ever letters to the heads of both Fox and CBS to let them know that I do enjoy these two shows and want them to stay on the air for another season.

I guess I am really lucky that they both aren't on at the exact same time.

Oh, I said I would let you know about my guilty pleasure, if you promise not to tell anyone. I do watch one reality show, I am almost embarrassed to tell you. Okay, here goes, I watch The Apprentice. I really want Tana to win this one, she is the first woman in three seasons who has deserved to win. What can I say, I am mesmerized by The Donald's hair, either that or I want to be Caroline when I grow up, I can't decide which it is.



Heather said...

I am with about Joan of Arcadia. I love that show! I didn't see the first season at all and I wish I had, I was very excited to see that it was coming out on DVD in the next couple of weeks. I am considering adding it to my collection. I agree how we don't see good quality shows that are geared toward the family enough anymore.

Oh yeah, I'm also a sucker for the Apprentice and I also want to see Tana win, she seems so down to earth and trustworthy.

Have a great weekend!

angelmeg said...

I was really scared last night, for a second I thought Tana had lost out to Alex. But Alex forgot how much integrity seems to mean to The Donald. Tana has integrity, she never says anything that isn't completely supportable by fact. Alex found out the hard way last night that you had better be sure that what you say can be supported by the facts.

Tana is the one who will win in the long run I think. The other two will self destruct when they are on their own.

Can you tell this is my guilty pleasure? sheesh.