Monday, May 04, 2009

Mystic Monday: Storyteller - Mystic? Toss of the Coin Semantic Riddle

Today dear children I am going to do something radically different and introduce to you someone who is still living. Megan McKenna self identifies as a Theologian Storyteller but I think that is simply semantics. When I read her writings they have all the beauty and connection to the divine of any of the mystical writings of the ancient and medieval mystics. Perhaps it is humility that keeps her from calling her own writings mystical.

If you would like to grow in the spiritual life you would do well to read any one of her works.

One of my personal favorites, and the one I am going to share a tidbit from today is called Send my Roots Rain: A Spirituality of Justice and Mercy

this little piece of poetry comes from a section on Justice:

I want to be remembered for having wove the Word
subtly through every fabric and design hiding it and then
uncovering detail, color, thread and line.
Wrapping all of earth and all its cretures in a cloth
fair, delicate and fine, that held a people's hopes and bread
and fragments and pieces of heart to raise the dead.
I wan to be remembered for having shorn the sheep
and gathered wool and spun and carded and made garments
against the cold. And then to have weathered all hte storms
and dwelled in the high mountain passes and found the deep
greenest grasses for their hungers. And stayed, keeping watch
over them, singing and humming them home with the Word.


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