Sunday, May 17, 2009

Life Alert Almost Worked Like A Charm

My mother-in-love has had Life Alert for about two years now, since the last time she had a mini stroke and drove herself to the Dr.'s office thinking she was only suffering from a bad sinus infection.

Our son-and-heir went over to her house on Friday to cut the lawn and she was fine when he left. When her sister and niece went over there today to see her the house was open and the lights were on but she was nowhere to be found. They called here looking for her, then called her daughter, then called the hospital, where they found she had been taken.

It turns out that on Saturday she fell while cleaning and when she couldn't recover from the fall she pushed her life alert wrist band and summoned help. The ambulance came and they took her to the hospital, but there was some miss-communication about whether the hospital or the Life Alert people were supposed to call her primary emergency contact person (mrangelmeg), so neither bothered to contact him. If it hadn't been for her sister and niece going over to visit I don't know how long she would have been in the hospital before we would have found out that she was there. I usually go over there on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons, but some weeks I don't get over there.

Anyway, we haven't heard from the Dr. yet, but I am hoping that I can be there tomorrow morning when he comes to talk with her so I can find out what they know. She looks as though she may have had another mini stroke, but I am no Dr. In the meantime, I would appreciate your prayers.


Suzanne said...

Its after midnight..Mon. a.m. and I just now read this. I will be praying and please let us know if you need anything. Love you! Suz

Raffi said...

Hi. I work for Life Alert and was notified of your problem. I have been asked to look into the matter. Please call me at (800) 638-8222 ext. 575.