Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Adverse Conditions

I am finding it very difficult to sustain any kind of mental acuity when the weather becomes inclement. (read that as WET!) I had fully intended to spend today catching up on writing, but it began to rain outside at about the same time as I sat down at my computer to write, and somehow the thoughts in my head just couldn't find a viable pathway to my fingertips and onto the page on my computer screen.

I tried every type of coercion I could think of, even stooping to mental bribery (if I completed the thousand words I would reward myself with chocolate, or even better a trip out for a pedicure). Nothing worked. All those wonderful ideas are still up there in my head clogged up by the wet air coming in the windows.

So, I have done maybe five or six Facebook quizzes, and checked all of my email accounts, and helped a daughter register for fall classes, and am sitting watching a movie on television I am really not sure I want to see because it saves me from thinking about the fact that I am not doing what I had intended to do today.

What distracts you from the things you planned, even when you have every intention of getting things done? How do you get refocused when the distraction is so visceral that it makes the doing of the thing feel almost impossible?

In my case, I am going to give myself permission to call it a day on the writing front and I am going to focus on getting some small jobs done around the house before I have to leave for my final RCIA session this evening. Maybe I will try using a digital recorder to tape the ideas, to get them out of my head at least so I don't lose them altogether, but any idea of getting them typed is just not gonna happen today.


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Suzanne said...

Every writer has writer's block at some point..every artist has a time when inspiration wanes, and every musician messes up their timing and some even bang on their piano..just ask me! ;)