Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I was attempting to download a patch onto my big laptop and it crashed on Monday and hasn't been able to boot up correctly since. I need to take it to my computer repair guys today to see what is wrong. The error message says something like that it is caught in a continuous faulty loop or something similar.

I am just hoping that it is an easy fix, because my mini is great for simple things but I really rely on my big laptop for major writing assignments (like writing my book, mostly) and even blog posting simply because the keyboard is much easier to type on than the mini is for any major length of time.

Anyway, I can post a Mystic Monday post from my mini, and will try to get to one later today (even though it is Wednesday again) because I know how much you guys are getting used to learning about all those obscure friends from the early church. I hate to disappoint.

Mrangelmeg and I are off this afternoon for a drive to Indy to participate in my first ever Alumni Gathering for my Gradual School. I am really looking forward to seeing the Abbot and
President Rector and hopefully a few other friends from the area. Before I do that I have decided that I have to get a mani-pedi because my toenails are looking really bad, so after my morning workout I am stopping at the nail salon.


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