Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a Wednesday

Yesterday I went to visit my mom in her nursing home because today is her 83rd birthday. She is in fine spirits for a woman who can no longer walk or talk or carry on conversations. She talks a lot more than she used to (probably because they have reduced her anti-anxiety meds to almost nothing) but still her words aren't very conversational.

The funniest thing that happened yesterday (rather sad but funny). The entire time I was there visiting a new resident across the hall was just sobbing uncontrollably about having to be in the nursing home . After about fifteen minutes mom actually said, "She really needs to shut up." It was the most purposeful thing mom had said in over two years.

With my mother-in-love in the hospital after her TIA over the weekend, and making sure she has what she needs from her house and taking care of the kids, my week has been packed. I want to apologize about not having a Mystic Monday post this week. I am sure that at least two of my loyal readers are sad at not getting to find out about some obscure mystic from the third century.

I do want to share something I have been reading with you, but I am not sure that this person would be considered a mystic although I find some of what I have read in this wonderful little book to be quite mystical in its simplicity. I happen to be reading Jean-Piere de Caussade S.J. Book (actually a Kitty Muggeridge translation ) called The Sacrament of the Present Moment)which was written in the 1700's .

This is the section that I read this week that has given me great hope:

May others , Lord, multiply their prayers and supplications. I ask but one thing. I offer up this prayer to you: "Grant me a pure heart!" O pure heart, how blessed you are! You find God in the strength of your own faith, see him in all things at all times in and around you. You are his subject and his instrument. He guides and brings you to your destination. Often you do not think; but he is thinking for you. Whatever happens to you is ordained by him. All he asks is your willingness . In your bewilderment you don't understand this longing in yourself, but he does. Ah, how simple you are!

This has been my way of praying for the last few years. I don't have to know or understand how or why things are happening in my life because I know that God has a plan and that plan is for good even if I can't see how that good will come about because of the pain and suffering that I might be going through at this moment. If I trust in God's mercy and love everything will work out the way God intends for it to so long as I move with God's will.

Thursday May 21st is mrangelmeg and my 26th wedding anniversary. We are going to try to go out to dinner in between work and kids and visiting mother-in-love at the hospital.

Oh and Friday the angelbaby turns 13 and is having some friends over for a sleepover. Won't that be fun? A basement full of teen-age girls after a week of less than stellar sleep. We must be crazy, but we had the sleepover planned before other things happened and mom should be more stable by then.



Suzanne said...

Again.........Happy Anniversary!
I cracked up with what your momma said! That was perfect! Bless the other person's heart, it is hard to go into that situation and perhaps that person's mind is all TOO there and KNOWS what is going on, but still, it won't do the poor thing any good to make less of the best of it. I hope and pray that she/he will settle down, but your momma..that was too funny! I am so happy for her that she is feeling good..I feel like my hopes and prayers for her have been answered too and I know yours have been for now..right?
I also love the prayer thought here and I thank you so much for sharing that and YOUR insight, as well. I need that thought..each day..each day and sometimes each moment! As they say..Hold That Thought! :)

MOm said...

Hi, Maggie;

It's Catherine Fournier from Long, long, long time no talk to. I can't find an e-mail address on your web site...a school in Australia is asking to use one of your essays on our site. Can you e-mail me and I'll forward their e-mail to you?