Saturday, February 21, 2009

Temple Census

We have entered Mardi Gras weekend. . . that last little bit of Ordinary time just before Ash Wednesday. Why is it that every year I get the sense that I should indulge to my hearts content in these days? I think it is partly because of that ROR_2">Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) attitude that we have to use up all the indulgent stuff in the house so it won't tempt us during the long season of lent.

Amazingly for me, this Mardi Gras season has come at a time when I am in a good place both mentally and spiritually to get my temple (aka body) in order. Not so coincidentally, I will be reading Interior Castle by Teresa of Avilla, so the spiritual reflection is set in motion. I have been working out with the Wii for over a month now so the physical exercise component is in place, now I just have to wrap my brain around the eating as fuel and what is the best fuel to heat this particular temple and everything will start working together.

I have decided to make changes in my diet because it is the healthy thing to do, and I need to be eating better anyway, rather than thinking that I am depriving myself of something that tastes wonderful. I am going to go back to a diet that is very low in allergens, and in food groups that are close to the ones I am allergic to as well. (which means, less soy, less condiments which have traces of corn starch and corn syrup, etc).

Essentially I will be back to an Atkins/South Beach lifestyle which ends up being very low in carbs and higher in protein, but I am going to supplement it with fresh fruit in the afternoons as a snack. For drinks it will be back to tea, tea and more tea. One cup of coffee a day and then all the iced or hot tea or water I want the rest of the day. My big treat will come when I allow myself two pieces of dark chocolate in the evening. (gotta have my chocolate).

After a few weeks of eating sensibly for my particular body's needs I know I will begin to feel better, less tired and healthier. I should lose weight, but that isn't the immediate goal of my new plan. After the 40 days of Lent I should be totally transformed.

I just hope I can get it all together and make this a very spiritual practice and not get frustrated about the entire thing. We shall see, grasshopper, we shall see.


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