Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Weekend; Another Daughter; Another Retreat

Middle daughter (the saintly one) just left for an overnight retreat at which she will be acting as host/team member for a group of high school students from our parish. This is the second time she has participated in a retreat as a member of a team since she graduated from High School herself last June, and we are really happy that she enjoys this ministry, because she is a relatively quiet young woman.

Please say a prayer that the team does a good job. That the kids on the retreat get what they need from the Holy Spirit, and that our Saintly daughter can get at least a little sleep in her sleeping bag on the floor of the gym tonight. She is on epilepsy medicine, and sleep is very important to her.



Suzanne said...

I will pray..I think this is a relatively calm group that is going to be there and unless she just has a hard time sleeping in an odd place, it should be conducive to decent night's sleep anyway. I love it when our kids are all snuggled in together doing something so precious. Its one of those times I can say...Ah! Shane will be coming home part of the time, but he is there for the day and evening. I wish he were sleeping over, but not the case.
So, anyway...I will be praying though..thank you for asking others to pray for our youth too!

Suzanne said...

I heard they all had a good retreat.
Did middle daughter think so? I hope so! Mike asked if you were angelmeg! :) I told him you were..he said he thought so. :)