Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Red Envelope Project

Click on the envelope above to get more information on this great project.

What a great conceptual way for the President to see exactly how many voices have been silenced due to abortion. I am going to go out tomorrow and buy some red envelopes. Won't you join me?



Suzanne said...

Some, meaning you'll send more than one yourself or are you asking the other members of your family to send one too? Just wonderin.

angelmeg said...

Close to one million babies have been lost in this country alone to abortion just since Obama took office. I think we can all send more than one envelope.

I plan to send more than one.

Suzanne said...

You don't have to remind me of that. I totally get it; I'm just wondering if you are going to, as I was thinking at least one for each of the children I became pregnant with and one additonal one for the baby that I spiritually adopt who is in danger of abortion. Then, having the other members of my family send one or however many they wish.

Suzanne said...

angelmeg..where did you learn that they are not doing this until Mar. 31st..am I overlooking something?