Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lent is Coming . . . What Are You Doing?

I have been blessed because of my work with the church, and attending a School of Theology/Seminary for Gradual School, to meet quite a few young men who are studying for the priesthood.

There is one in particular this year that I am working with at St Paul of whom I have become very fond. He is Brother Dominic PJ McManus OP. He is doing his pastoral year at St. Paul before he goes back to seminary for his deaconate year of study prior to being ordained. He is working with the graduate students at St Paul and has done a few talks for the RCIA.

I also have had the distinct pleasure of hearing him preach. To say he has a gift is an understatement. Which is why I want to introduce you to him today. Last weekend in the bulletin there was a short reflection that Br. Dominic wrote concerning Lent, fasting and transformation. I was so impressed with it that I am going to give it to each of my kids to read so that they will have a better understanding of why we fast. The writer in me was even just a bit envious.

I want to share it with all of you, so I am linking to the St. Paul Bulletin where you can read it for yourself. You will find it in Keller's Corner on the right side of the first page.

It has changed my mind on how I will be looking at fasting this lent. I plan to enter this lent looking for a fasting that feeds my prayer and a prayer that feeds my alms giving, and in all of that I hope to be transformed rather than just inconvenienced by what I have decided to "give up".
Thanks Br. Dominic. Good Lent everyone.


Suzanne said...

angelmeg, how did your talk go? We hope fine indeed!
Teresa came home from her retreat just crazy about Brother Dominic!
I can see why. I read this the other day and reread it here. Its true what he has been inspired to remind us of and why to we always try to "up" one on the Church anyway. I know I have with regards to "maybe if I do this, give up that, offer that over there, then I will improve my soul.
Well, maybe a bit. I know for one that I really have not done to well on Fridays doing or not doing, giving up or offering up anything on a good solid regular basis, with the exception of staying home and not "going out."
I usually reserved that for Sat. even...well mostly. I think we're going back to meatless Fridays too.
Its just Catholic and I love that!
Still thanks for this reminder..I'll share it with the others too. I'm not even sure if Teresa read this one..I just happened to have it here too, though. Unusual for us to have a St. Paul bulletin around.
Once again..share about your talk here.

Mimi said...

Coming from an Orthodox perspective, I very much agree, prayer, fasting and almsgiving cannot be disconnected from each other.

Pray for me during Lent.

ukok said...

Thanks for postig this Angelmeg, i am going to save it the pdf and read through it when i have a bot more time later today, i need to reflect in Lent, and my offering to Jesus, before it arrives.