Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Amazing Things Happen When You Can't Sleep OR Angelmeg's Theology Lesson for the Week

My sister couldn't sleep so she was watching a movie in her room with the sound up way too loud and it woke me up.

Anyway I decided to surf the blogosphere anc check out some weblogs of seminarians from my beloved Saint Meinrad just for kicks.

That is when I came across this Blog by one seminarian, John O'Neill, that I have had the pleasure of actually meeting, though I don't know if he would remember me.

What I really want you to read is this paper he wrote for his Theological Anthropology Course.

I know this professor, and were it not for my slavish need to actually graduate soon and being focussed these days on only taking courses that are required for graduation I would have signed up for this course. More's the pity I suppose.


marco frisbee said...

{smacks forehead}

Isn't "Meinard's" a place where you buy toilets?!?

Blessed Advent and all that to you, and good luck with cracking those books!

The management said...

Didn't you know that St Meinard was the patron saint of plumbers? I thought all good Catholics were aware of his sad story. He was tragically decapitated by a flying toiltet seat.

I have corrected the mistake, thanks for bringing it to my attention:

In my defense, I am dyslexic, and it gets worse when I am over tired. And forget about blogger spell check catching Meinrad as a spelling mistake.

mea culpa, mea culpa, getta offa my back.