Sunday, December 03, 2006

111. Getting to know some new friends.
112. Learning about Francis and Clare
113. The chance to have a long conversation with a friend I hadn't seen in a while.
114. Having Sr. Barbara as the Workshop facilitator, I love her knowledge of scripture and spirituality
115. Sleeping well away from home (and no strange dreams even on the 4th floor)
116. Waking up with the bells
117. Fruit for breakfast.
118. Seeing Fr. Damien at Breakfast.
119. Great Breakfast conversation.
120. Our workshop start time being 9:00 (10:00 my time)
121. The little Gas Station/Grocery store being open in Saint Meinrad, because I really needed gas and a few things.
122. A fun morning of music lyrics asides with Tom.
123. A great prayer from Francis that will help me with my mom.
124. Awesome lunch conversation.
125. Seeing an old professor at lunch.
126. Trader Joe's Chocolate Truffle Candy Bar
127. Playing guitar before class began in the afternoon.
128. Spending the afternoon immersed in Ignatian spirituality at a Benedictine House
129. Being able to share my love of Ignatian spirituality with my classmates
130. Having Sr. Barb thank me for my input and help with the Ignatian part of the workshop.
131. Making it to where I was going in the evening without losing my way.
132. A wonderful dinner with friends.
133. An evening of conversation, and consolation from two people who love me.
134. Staying the night at their house and being pampered beyond belief.
135. Waking up to the smell of coffee brewing that I didn't have to make myself.
136. Sharing in John and Pat's worshiping Community
137. Getting to hear John Lector at Mass.
138. Hearing Fr. Dan's Homily for the First Sunday of Advent.
139. The Good News of Jesus: I am not God!!!!! woo hoo!
140. A great breakfast, made lovingly for me by my hostess.
141. Helping John with some ideas for the class he is going to teach in the spring.
142. Beautifu weather for the drive home.
143. More clean laundry.
144. Spending the afternoon with the whole family here before I have to leave again.
145. Getting back in sync with my sister on planning for mom.
146. FInding a prayer to end my talk for Wednesday's RCIA session.
147. Being able to cook dinner for my family.
148. Doing the dishes (now that is a surprise, not usually something I consider a gift, but being home to do them today was a gift.)
149. Losing this list once and having to retype it.
150. Getting to sleep in my own bed, next to mrangelmeg, before I have to head back up to mom's tomorrow.


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The Ironic Catholic said...

You go girl! This is a great project!