Wednesday, December 06, 2006

166. My third daughter, whose birthday is today.
167. St Nicholas, whose feast day is today.
168. Shoes by the fireplace in anticipation of treats from St. Nicholas
169. Shoes filled with treats.
170. Morning talks on the way to school with my two youngest daughters.
171. Finding just the right gifts for my duaghter's birthday.
172. Sharing a budding love of knitting with my oldest daughter.
173. Still marveling at the Pro Life storyline on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on Monday evening. (more on that in a future post)
174. Morning communion services when the Priest is too ill to make it to the church. We are still a worshiping community in the absence of the priest.
175. Prayers for the comfort of our Pastor who is nearing retirement in just about a month.
176. Wrapping Birthday gifts.
177. Finding the exact kind of cake daughter wanted (especially because I didn't have to bake it)
178. Warm gloves on a cold morning.
179. Piano lessons.
180. Lunch with my birthday girl since I won't be home for the family celebration.



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Suzanne said...

Hey, Maggie...Crista wanted me to tell Hannah "Happy Birthday." She is sitting her watching a movie...she's been pretty sickly the last two days with coughing and cold...etc. Anyway...hope she had a nice birthday.
They are getting soooo OLD! Suzanne